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  • September 16, 2014 8:30 am

    Fall Skin Musts

    As ever, I am a huge proponent of natural, organic skincare. And I recently discovered the most fantastic line of cosmetics to go along with my Tata Harper skin care regimen. Meet RMS Beauty. RMS Beauty, meet my friends.  All organic minimalist make-up that looks and feels modern. 

    First, “Un” Cover Up.  This is the only thing you need on your face. It is perfect for under the eyes, around the nose and below the lips. Your skin won’t know it’s there, and neither will anyone else. (I use color 33 for my olive skin.)

    Second, Lip2Cheek. If you want to look a little more alive use this on your lips and cheeks. Layer for stronger color. Beautifully natural looking. (Diabolique is what I am wearing now).

    And last but not least, Living Luminizer.  If you want to look lit from within without appearing as though you’ve actually tried, this is for you. I think it is for everyone actually. Wear it on your eyelids, around your eyes, on your cheek bones, really just about anywhere.

    Did I mention this stuff is actually good for you? In addition to being organic and made only from pure ingredients, there is no soy, no gluten, no GMO by-products and is not tested on animals. It even comes in recycled glass containers.

    These three little products have so totally simplified my ‘get ready’ routine that I feel grateful to Rose-Marie Swift for creating this thoughtful line of cosmetics. Find out more here http://bit.ly/1wxy7Ba.

  • September 15, 2014 10:00 am

    This one is for my Breast Friends…

  • September 12, 2014 10:00 am

    Not So Subtle



    Okay, I have to admit I adore these Gucci loafers as much as the tasteful shoes I recently posted about.  No, I may not want to stand-out this much but I think webshop MyTheresa did a brilliant job of editorializing an outfit that is quirky and just right. Just think of all the winking and blinking your shoes would give passersby when the sun hits them.

  • September 11, 2014 9:18 am

    Subtle Steppin’


    Each Fall I need a couple pairs of new shoes. A pair of boots and a pair of flats. The first set of flats I am reaching towards are these simple, inexpensive slipons. As a California native, Vans almost feel to be part of my DNA and in gray wool they are just slightly sophisticated.  The black trainers are equally discreet but could actually dress up an outfit.  As for the boots, the beautifully made tall Gucci boots speak for themselves with regard to restraint. So everything is as it should be, subtle.  Yet I keep returning to these blue python shorties.  Yes, they are a little ostentatious but I argue to myself that they would look nicely camouflaged worn with blue jeans. Are you buying it? Or am I just trying to convince myself?

  • September 9, 2014 10:00 am

    Almost Normcore


    Not precisely normcore, but in it’s own way, this outfit is almost ‘everyday’ and effortless. The only real nod to fashion is the shoes. The other items are simply, good quality staples. Even the small earrings, aside from the fact that these ones are from Marni, are the type one could find just about anywhere. 

    I really do relate to the new movement away from obvious fashion.  While Anna Dello Russo normalized extravagant and bold runway looks for daily life, the Hollywood crowd is regularizing ripped apart jeans en masse. So how does one stand apart? Or, is that even the point? For me, it’s about communicating something about who I am and what’s important to me.  So the question becomes, will I have to retire my sparkles and bits of hot pink in order to say I am interested in more than fashion? Or, are these small signals just enough to insist I am not too conventional?

    At the moment there are huge, enormous issues at stake in the world and what I wear to the party of a friend is certainly not one of them. But being authentic IS important. So I say speak your mind, be noticed and wear shiny shoes if it helps you fight for justice.

    #marni  #levis501  #dsquaredshoes   #whiteblouse

  • 8:30 am

    Robin Williams We Miss You

    Which is why we are so excited to watch the documentary, Robin Williams Remembered — a special airing on various PBS stations today, September 9. 

    I will always remember…

    #RobinWillams #RobinWilliamPBS